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General FAQs
Is artificial grass suitable for children?

With durable materials and additional shock-pad bases available, our artificial grass range is safe for children to play on, just like a real garden. See more details on our artificial grass for schools and play areas page.

How is a garden prepared for artificial grass?

We use Easi-protect around the edge of your lawn to protect it before we start to remove the existing turf. We’ll ten implement a weed membrane along with an aggregate layer – including in special odour-prevention layer or shock bases.

Can you fit artificial grass on decking or patios?

Technically you can have artificial grass in these areas – we call this a dry fit – but we recommend that a shock-base is laid first to prevent the lines of the decking or patio showing up once installed.

Does the size and shape of my garden matter?

Definitely not! We can install artificial grass in any garden – even in the most shaded area – for a beautiful finish. Talk to our expert team and we’ll be able to recommend the right product for any shape or size of garden.

I have a small tree in the garden, can Easigrass be fitted around it?

The answer is yes. We install our products around trees leaving slits so that the trunk can continue to grow without damaging the grass. Should your tree seem like it has run out of room around your artificial grass, please contact our expert team.

Will artificial grass get hot in the summer months?

Our artificial grass is made with triple-yarn grasses. This means heat is only contained at the base of the grass. However, for particularly hot periods – especially extended heat – we recommend that you hose the grass down to keep it cool so that you are able to go out and enjoy it.

Can you put furniture on the grass or will it cause damage?

Lasting damage is not created when you have lawn furniture out. You may find the grass is crushed a little after having weight on it, but this can be brushed out in warm weather with a sturdy garden broom.

Can you have garden ornaments when you have Easigrass fitted?

Yes, you can, but ornaments which are prone to reflecting sunlight can create a magnifying effect which could singe your lawn, so it’s best to avoid these.

How long will artificial grass last?

The Easigrass product range is designed to last roughly 20 years, but this is dependent on how much foot traffic it sees. All our artificial grass products come with a 10-year guarantee to give you peace of mind for years to come.

Pet FAQs
Is artificial grass okay for pets?

We provide artificial grass products specifically designed for those with pets. Please see our artificial grass for dogs and pets page or speak to our team for more details.

How do I clean up after pets on artificial grass?

With artificial grass, it’s simple – just pick up the waste and then use a hose to wash the area. Urine is drained away automatically because of how the grass is designed and you won’t see any colour fade.

What artificial grass products reduce odours from pets peeing on the grass?

Using Easi-zeofil, odours from your pet’s urine will be stopped. There is also Easi-pong which can be mixed with water and used on your artificial grass to prevent odours.

Maintenance FAQs
Do you offer a grass maintenance service and how often will we need this?

Yes. You can read more about this service for your artificial grass on our dedicated maintenance page.

Will weeds and moss grow on an artificial lawn? How can you stop weeds and spores growing in the grass?

Resolva and Weedol are two recommended lawn products to help keep spores and weeds at bay. We also recommend regular inspection of your lawn to help remove weeds before they multiply.

Can foxes, squirrels and other animals dig up the grass?

We install Easigrass products and secure them via tuck and pin method. This means animals will not be able to pull up the artificial grass with their paws as it will be kept firmly in place.

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